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Beauty Camera – Selfie Camera with AR Stickers

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Most Android stock camera applications allows you to take photos and videos. Some Android Camera apps has some features with limited amount of non-fun filters. You may see many awesome photos and videos on social media. Some of the filters used are awesome and much cooler than ordinary photos.

Beauty Camera is one such Android Camera application that allows you to take cool photos and edit them to have unique creativity to your photos. You can use this as the main camera instead of your Google Camera. Google camera is the best when it comes to camera application. But Google camera is good for color saturation and editing purposes on computer. Beauty camera is one with more cooler looking filters, effects and more.

AR stickers are the main strength of this app. You may find many unique AR stickers that you have never seen on other apps. You can install this app directly from Google Store. Just search “Beauty Camera” you will see this application appear on search results. Completely free and no need to pay to use those beautifying filters and effects. Share your beautiful photos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and more to see their reaction. Create professional and way nicer looking tik-tok videos with the beautifying filters. Making yourself more beautiful with small changes make your photos and videos stand out of others.

Below listed some of the main features of this application.

Features of Android beauty Camera

  • Has many beautifying features including selfie camera.
    • Auto beautifying feature can remove acnes, speckles and other unwanted things that make you ugly. Smoothing and making your skin glowing make it way nicer to look.
    • This app uses many features to change your skin to look good. For example, your skin will be blurred, whiten and glow.
    • Helps to create nice smile by whitening teeth.
    • You can reshape your chin, eye, forehead, mouth, nose and other facial parts to make it perfect or cartoony.
    • You can use filters while taking the photo. Those are called real time filters. Support for video recording too. That helps to take best photos to match your selected filter.
  • Full featured Photo editor
    • You can add stickers, AR stickers or masks, change facial parts including chin, cheek, nose, mouth and etc.
    • You can swap your face and music filters too.
    • Add nice effects and more.

Above listed only few features of this camera apk. Feel free to install this app on your Android phone and find all those fantastic features. Do not forget to publish your creative photos and videos on social media.

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