Spotify Premium android app – Latest version free download 2020

Music is a universal language and it has some kind of healing powers. I think you got a hint of today’s topic. Today we are going to talk about the world-famous audio streaming app – Spotify Premium. I’m sure everyone knows about this unique app and you are here to know more about that. Let’s start exploring A-Z about the Spotify Android app.


First of all, I hope you are doing well in this pandemic situation. So talking about Spotify, simply we can tell it’s an audio streaming app. A few years ago people were used to listening to music by buying hard copies of albums or downloading from the internet. If you are a music lover you might pass those years and probably you know the feeling of finding songs. It wouldn’t be easy to find some songs from the internet for free. Buying albums is highly cost and hard copies may decay in a few months. When time passes, most people like to use their smartphones for everything. In the case of that many Android apps were developed for the purpose of bringing many services closer to users. In my opinion, there was nothing much for music lovers until Spotify launched. 

Spotify comes with incredible features. Without downloading, you can experience any song no matter which language or which countries. There are many varieties of playlists available in Spotify. Once you install Spotify, it will bring your favorite songs automatically by Spotify’s A.I. system. Spotify offers the old 80’s to the new generation’s songs. It doesn’t matter which one’s your favor, you can find anything from here. Enough briefing. Let’s look through Spotify and find out how much worth Spotify Premium for the users.

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Spotify Premium android app – Key InformationSpotify

The Spotify Android app can sort songs for you as your likeness, location, old and your preferences. All those things can do with songs, podcast and other kinds of music. Spotify app size, requirement and the current version can be varied with your device and location. But the app is 29.3 megabytes in size and version is Some countries do not support Spotify. You can check which countries are supported by clicking here

The premium app has more features like No ad brakes, You can play song, playlist and music by artist, by movie or album, with all the free features. More premium features can be found below.

Features of Spotify premium Android app

  • First of all, Spotify Premium has more than 50 million songs. This is the main feature of Spotify. It means you can find whatever you like through the unlimited searching feature.
  • Comparing to the Spotify free app, Spotify premium does not contain any Ads. You can experience unlimited music tracks without any bothering of Ads.
  • Spotify premium supports offline downloading. It means you can download any song from Spotify through just a few taps.
  • Spotify Premium offers up to 320kbps sound quality.
  • Spotify Premium has creating playlists and sharing playlists’ options. It means you can create a playlist from your favorite songs and share it with others.
  • Bunch of podcasts is available here. You can listen to your favorite subject’s podcasts anytime by just searching the topic.
  • You can skip any song in the playlist, unlike the Spotify free app.
  • Spotify Premium has no contract time. You can cancel anytime the monthly package.
  • Spotify has a powerful AI system. It will automatically generate playlists that assume you love to listen by using your behavior in Spotify.Spotify

Safety and Legality about Spotify Android app

This is a legal app that is available in both official stores. (Android and Apple) It means this app does not contain any harmful content or malware. If you have any doubts about that, you can read the permission section before the installation.

Spotify Premium has some regional restrictions. Also, some of you may need a VPN to sign in progress. Spotify has three premium plans for you and you can choose one of them depending on your wish. The user can deactivate Spotify monthly plans anytime. It means no commitment time. 

So that’s all about the Spotify Premium Android application. I hope you got all the facts about this application. This app contains a bunch of features that worth more than the monthly fee. In my opinion, Spotify premium is the best Android app on the market in this category. If you are looking for an audio streaming app with unbelievable features, I’m sure everyone would recommend Spotify premium at the first of the list.

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