ZiniTevi Android APK – Latest Version Free Download 2020

There are hundreds of free streaming apps available all over the internet. Most of them don’t do the job as user wishes but ZineTevi does the job more than expected. Like Netflix, The ZiniTevi app can stream movies and tv series but for free. You can install the ZiniTevi app in Android or apple tv, Xbox, Play station, Smartphone, Roku tv, Firestick, Chrome cast and etc. Movies and Tv series can watch up to HD quality and you can download and play after. Also, the app provides you IMDB ratings and ranking in the same page. That will be useful.

As I said before ZiniTevi Android APK contains many varieties of cinematic content. You can find any movie or any TV show from here. And also you can stream your favorite shows with devices such as PC, Laptop, Macbook, PlayStation, Xbox, SmartTV, etc. The most important fact is that all facilities are completely free. This APK offers you access to a huge amount of Films and TV shows in high quality. All contents support an offline view, it means you can download contents instead of online watching. Nowadays most people like to use their smartphones for everything. In the case of that many Android apps were developed for the purpose of bringing many services closer to users. As a result of that today we can access many services from our smartphone. Streaming and watching movies is one of those services and in my opinion, ZiniTevi for Android developed for that purpose.

ZiniTevi Android APK – Key information

The ZiniTevi app support for multi-language subtitles in English, Spanish, Chinese and etc. Also, you can make a favorite movie list and watch them later or share them online. If you had to go somewhere while watching the movie or tv series, you can add it to watch later list and watch it as the place you left. The best part is the list is updating continuously. All-new movies and tv series will be adding between 2 days to 3 months from their release date.

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Features in ZiniTevi

  • How about watching your favorite movies or TV shows both online and offline? ZiniTevi offers offline watching by downloading the content. Once you download you don’t need to stay online.
  • This APK contains a huge amount of movies and TV shows. You can find all your favorite shows here.
  • Developers update this APK frequently. So you can catch up on the latest Movies and TV shows without any doubt.
  • You can experience HD quality videos (720p&1080p) here. 
  • This app supports multiple downloading contents. You can download more than one content at the same time.
  • This APK supports streaming with many devices (smart TV, Android TV, Roku) and also it supports Chromecast streaming.
  • This APK contains an inbuilt subtitle library. It means you can add subtitles to any video without downloading subtitles externally. 
  • You can make a favorite list. Your favorite list always syncs to the cloud.
  • You don’t need an account to use this APK. It means no sign-in and no passwords.
  • This APK does not contain any viruses or harmful items. If you have any doubts about that, please read the permission section before installation.ZiniTevi

What’s new on the latest version

Basically, performance has been improved and some bugs were fixed in this new update. And also Searching ability, downloading, and loading speed were increased.

Safety and Legality 

This is a legal app. But this app is unavailable in both official stores. (Android and Apple) It means this app does not contain any harmful content or malware. If you have any doubts about that, you can read the permission section before the installation. Developers say that ZiniTevi Android APK does not require your personal details as well as credit/debit card details. There are many fake APKs designed to get your personal details. So for the best security, you can use ZiniTevi official website to refer and download this APK.

So that’s all about ZiniTevi Android APK. I hope you all got the facts about this APK. In my opinion, ZiniTevi Android APK is the best app to have a great streaming experience. You can experience HD Movies and TV shows both online and offline completely free of charge. So don’t wait, click on the download button and install it on our android smartphone. If you like to watch movies and Tv series for free and in 1080p quality, you would like to Cyberflix TV APK 3.0.6. Click the name to learn more.

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