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Do you like to watch movies and tv series for free?. The Solex TV android app is basically like free Netflix. You can watch thousands of movies and TV series for free. Also, Solex TV supports HD quality. Nothing to worry. When you got something for free, You also have to watch ads, Right?. Solex TV does not have any ads. Also, the Solex tv new version has IPTV channels for free. That includes Sports channels, Movie channels, News channels, Documentary channels, etc.


Basically, Solex TV is categorized as an IPTV. But it’s not just an IPTV. Solex TV offers incredible features for users. This app contains hundreds of TV channels in different languages and different genres. You can experience either international channels, regional channels, or both of them here. Solex TV is a free service providing app but it doesn’t mean you can’t hope for good quality content here. Solex TV contains Full HD contents and you can select the quality that you want, So nothing to worry about the quality. Most users like Solex TV because this app is very easy to use and there is a user-friendly environment. Solex TV is designed to face the competition of apps nowadays. So let’s look through this app and find out how useful this app is.

Solex TV for Android – Key information

Solex TV updated their app recently to version 3.1.2 and it is 16MB update. New Version includes the WWE sports network. That is good news wrestling lovers. Solex TV includes more than 1000 movies with 200 plus TV series and TV channels up to 40. TV channels are live and they are categories by countries. You can watch any of those channels when you are aboard or when do you don’t access to TV. Best feature is you can watch live CCTV feed from the space station to Cafe in Paris.

Download Solex TV Android APK 2020


Features of Solex TV Android APK

  • You can experience more than a thousand TV channels from the Solex TV Android app.
  • Solex TV offers selective quality features. It means you can change the quality. Also, you can watch all channels in full HD.
  • A user-attractive and user-friendly interface may bewitch you to stay in this app for a long time.
  • Solex TV supports streaming by Chromecast and Bluetooth. It means you can watch Solex TV on your Smart TV as well as Android mobile.
  • Solex TV is an always up-to-date app. So you can experience the latest TV program when available.
  • The latest update comes with adding US channels and Canadian channels. Now you can watch your favorite US TV show from Solex TV

Safety and Legality 

Solex TV Android app does not contain any harmful content or malware. At least this app does not require root permission of your smartphone. This is a completely safe and smooth app. If you have any doubts about that, you can read the permission section before the installation. For now, this app is not available in the Google Play store.

So that’s all about the Solex TV Android application. I hope you got all the facts about this application. If you are looking for an easy to use, user-friendly, attractive, and free app to watch TV, I can recommend Solex TV in the first place. If you like to watch movies and Tv series for free and in 1080p quality, you would like to Cyberflix TV APK 3.0.6. Click the name to learn more.

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